January 22, 2019

The worst effects of the Addiction, Depression, and Rejection

It mostly happens with us that we were busy living our lives and enjoying every moment of it. Then unexpectedly things are going out of control and we just saw that where did our joy go and this thing makes us so depressed and we start going in the depression. We start searching for an addiction to manage with our feelings and at the same time, we are just reject everything.

Hiding Emotions

To hide the emotions is very difficult because it is too hard to hide that what is going on inside the mind. It keeps us stuck and confused to accept the past events for the move on. Sometimes negative thoughts become useful because it increases the motivation and the ability of judgment. Those persons who allow themselves to experience the sadness, they push them out to the comfort zone and do more hard work for feeling better. But not everyone has this much courage to do something different and turn their failure into success. In this way the addiction arises it also increases the depression but in the starting, it is not seen clearly. For example, alcohol and drugs are the addiction and after some time it turns into depression. Depression generates the results of the physical and emotional illness which is done by the addiction. Depression patients are usually treated by the medication, psychotherapy and sometimes both. Depression disorders can be treated in many ways and so many peoples start work with their doctor to choose the best treatment way for them. This phobia is the strong fear of the specific situation and the object. It can be the reality that sometimes you feel anxious in some conditions. This fear is called the phobia that makes feel too out of the amount and it is the actual cause of danger. The people with disorder takes quick steps to avoid their fears and have illogical tensions and worries about meeting the feared situation and object. They also suffer in inescapable situations and experience direct depression. There is some common example which is related to this disorders.

We have some common examples of people this disorders, there are some specific fears in everyone’s life that includes such as height, blood, flying, injections, and specific animals. The risk factors of each depression disorder rely on its internal risk factors that include all type of depression disorders.

  • Experience the stress in the native life or the event in the early childhood life.
  • Some physical abnormalities like heart arrhythmias and a thyroid problem, these health problems create irritation in the person and it produces the anxiety disorder.
  • Behavioral inhibition and undependable traits of shyness can be the cause of anxiety disorder.
  • Mental and biological illness can also create anxiety in the person.

Mental Health Problem

When someone has a substance abuse problem or a mental health problem like anxiety, depression, it is called dual diagnosis. To become an addict of drugs, alcoholism and dealing with substance abuse, it not easy. It becomes more difficult when someone is struggling with mental health problems and this problem won’t get the treatment, this problem becomes worse. Nowadays usually people are suffering from mental health disorder, the main reason for this problem is worries. People face depression with many different reasons like their personal health, daily life problems and social interactions, these things create fear and can cause of the significant problem of life. When the addition increase the mental health problem is increasing too. Sometimes it can be difficult to diagnose a co-occurring mental health disorder because it can so much time to find out that what type of addiction problem the patient has. So, the best treatment of the mental health disorders, when you think the patient has both problems and it will take a very long time in recovery then start both treatments together. It may include medication, lifestyle changes, group and single counseling and peer support this treatment is for a mental health problem. For the substance abuse disorder, I may include the behavioral therapy, detoxification and support groups who maintain help for sobriety. People face anxiety with many different reasons like their personal health, daily life problems and social interactions, these things create fear and can cause of the significant problem of life. The universal anxiety can occur by this reason, being easily exhausted, being irritable, sleeping problem, feelings of worry, feeling restless.

Some Common Symptoms of co-occurring disorders

  • Extreme worry and tension
  • Feeling hopeless
  • Concentration problem
  • A headache and muscle tension
  • Irritation
  • Hyperactivity
  • Sleep changes
  • Feeling guilty
  • Shortness of breath
  • Heart racing
  • Physical pain and anger
  • Illogical beliefs

Helping substance abuse and mental health problem

Help to the substance abuse and mental health problem is a very difficult task but the good way to help someone is first to accept that what you can do for this person and what cannot you do. You cannot an emphasis on some to be temperate and also cannot force him/her to keep their medication properly. All you can do is make yourself positive, motivate them, make them close to you and make sure that you do not lose your interest in the process.

Provide them the support and deal them with love because once they isolated, give them your emotional support. Talk to them and try to win their trust that what is actually gone through because it makes their treatment easy. Secondly, you should set the boundaries and being realistic to help someone that how much you can care and give them assistance. Set the boundaries on troublemaking behavior and stick to them. Study their case and learn about the mental health problem because the more you learn, you understand that what they are suffering this way you can help them in a better way. Once you engaged with your patient then take some time because recovery does not happen overnight. It is an ongoing process but in the end, it will give you fruit full reward just be patient and have faith on you.

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