May 7, 2016

5 Affordable Home Improvement Projects

Home improvement projects can be simpler and well within the financial ability of most homeowners. Here are things that we could do:

5 Affordable Home Improvement Projects

  1. Paint the room: This should be one of the easiest things to and can bring huge improvements to the interior situation. Even if we don’t plan to sell the house, freshly painted houses can improve our quality of life. If we do plan to sell the house, we may add a few thousands of dollars to the final price of our house. New paint can brighten the mood of occupants and potential buyers. Painting requires little effort, few supplies and little investment. We may need a few buckets of paint, paint stripper, some brushes and a dependable roller. These items are basic home improvement supplies and tools that can be easily found in any home improvement store.
  2. Cleaning: General cleaning can be performed at any time and we don’t need to wait for the regular spring cleaning. In fact, we can do weekly cleaning sessions during the winter, which will lighten our burden significantly when spring finally arrives. We will definitely improve the liveability of our house. Cleaning is a never-ending job and there’s always a part of our house that needs a good cleaning. An effective cleaning plan defines the default arrangement of our interior and exterior. So, if something is out of place, even just a piece of paper lying on the desk; we know that it needs to be cleaned. We may also clean the chandeliers and brass fixtures; so they will look new again. We may also rent a power washer to clean driveway and dirty aluminium siding.
  3. Bathroom and kitchen remodelling: Bathroom and kitchen remodelling is also a relatively affordable home improvement project, although it is more complex and effortful than simple cleaning and repainting. We may spruce up our kitchen and bathroom; this could also become an ideal home improvement project. This is the kind of DIY project that will eventually for pay for itself. We may re-arrange both areas, or add new hard ware and cabinets; ended with a good cleaning session.
  4. Reclaim our closet space: Closets could get out of control very quickly. It could be really tempting to just open the closet door and throw unneeded and unwanted items inside. Reorganizing our closet space should be a good home improvement project that can increase our quality of life. As usual, we can classify things that we could throw away, sell, donate and keep. Of course, we should be honest with ourselves and don’t keep too many things. By removing much of the item, we will be able reclaim our closet space and we can keep it much more organized. This is something that we can do over the weekend, at least once a month.
  5. Use new lighting: Cleaning, rearranging and adding new light fixtures could be a highly effective way to improve our house. Penny-wise homeowners should be able to use fluorescent light fixtures and simple rope lights to achieve specific dramatic effects. These fixtures should be available in many home improvement stores.

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